Architecture for Social Gain Awards

Construction materials are an integral part of architecture. In 2015 Saint-Gobain chose to celebrate 350 years of their contribution to architecture by sponsoring an architectural awards program in 3 countries, Mexico, India and South Africa.


Africa is currently growing faster than any other continent, where societal change is dynamic and the role of architecture is critical in providing a framework for the development of social gain. Architecture has an important role to play in enabling people to learn, grow and develop themselves. Through this it has the potential to build the future success of economies and create opportunities for generations to come.

Future Plans

The 2015 awards program had 3 categories for entry;

Projects that had been completed between January 2011 and August 2015.

Projects which included all concept proposals, projects that had not yet been completed and student submissions.

A call for proposals to build or add onto an existing school within the Adopt-a-School infrastructure.


The winners of each category travel to Paris to take part in the Saint Gobain 350 year celebrations and as a part of that process meet many French architects and view social housing projects within Paris. The learnings and shared conversations from this will no doubt be continued in the future.

The ADOPT winner, Kate Otten Architects will continue to work with Saint-Gobain and the Adopt-a-School team to build the winning design in 2016.

We will track the progress of this project in updates on this site.



As a global leader in habitat, Saint-Gobain is committed to using its expertise to helping disadvantaged communities. The international foundation Saint-Gobain Initiatives was established for this purpose.


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